Potloc unlocks consumer insights for hundreds of businesses, helping them solve ongoing challenges like improving customer experience, converting competitor’s clients into their own, and building better products or services. How? We’ve reinvented consumer research by conducting hyper-targeted surveys through social networks – offering a real alternative to traditional research methods that haven’t evolved along with modern consumers.

For us, consumers are people - not just numbers, so we thrive by giving them a voice in their communities. We do this while empowering the enterprises that serve them with valuable insights that translate into profit. Headquartered in Montreal and founded in 2014, Potloc has raised $20M+ with French & North Americans VCs and has grown to over 90 employees, with global offices in Canada and Europe.

  • All equipment is provided

  • Fast-growing environment where the sky's the limit

  • Healthcare provided

  • We take learning seriously and offer an unlimited budget for books

  • Disney + subscriptions are on us for parents!

  • We reimburse 50% of your plane tickets if you work from another one of our offices



Our Team

Meet our dream team

  • Rodolphe Barrere

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Louis Delaoustre

    Co-Founder & CRO

  • Jérémy Lagrue

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Frédérick Musial

    Head of Finance

  • Gil Casali

    Head of Sales Europe

  • Marc Di Gaspero

    Head of Research

  • Emma McCully

    Head of Customer Success North America